Event Hosting

The lovely Gilbreath Room is outfitted with a warming kitchen, seating for up to 100, a serving area, bandstand, dancefloor and podium.  This room has been the location of many elegant weddings, showers and other events!  Contact Nancy Ashcraft for more information, 254-865-9495.

The historical Coryell Room is perfect for your club meetings. It seats up to 30 guests in several different seating designs.  Call Catherine Fulton for more information, 254-865-8973 and 254-223-0014.

Upcoming Events

MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER         September 15th 2018, the 18th Annual Spurfest returns to the   Museum.  Look for more information in July and August. OCTOBER         October 28th 2018, Boozzar ...

Spurfest 2018

SPURFEST -- SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 Tne 18th Annual Spurfest will be held at the Museum.  and we are all so excited! Indoor and outdoor activities will include sampling fresh churned butter, biscuits and g...